Do you want a fine tuned, energised mind and body?
  Are you ready to learn more about your health and wellbeing?
  Do you want to age like a Winner?
Yes! BOOSTCAMP will give you the answers you need in a simple easy to follow process. 

Using holistic diagnostic tools and looking at the complete picture you will go on a personalised health and fitness journey that will have a life changing effect on you, your family and your community.

BOOSTCAMP is a LIVE Event delivered online
6 weeks online and on demand - JUNE 1st, 2022 
(all sessions are recorded for you to view at your convenience).

Routine and resilience are important for us all in times of change.

We should all be allocating time to building our resilience and energise our mind and body.
  • BOOSTCAMP will give you the answers you need in a simple easy to follow process. Using holistic diagnostic tools and looking at the complete picture you will go on a personalised health
  • ​With all the uncertainty we are experiencing we are bombarded with stress from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed. Stress comes in many forms – we have nutritional stress, emotional stress, physical stress, electromagnetic stress, and mental stress. Your body does not recognise where the stress is coming from, it just responds to it. 
  • ​We are in a position to control and manage all of these things which will help with reducing the stress load and building and maintaining resilience.
  • ​Many people perceive the symptoms of stress as normal and put them down to their current situation and a busy life.
  • ​In joining BOOSTCAMP you are taking the first steps to identifying the factors that are stopping you from managing your health and building your resilience. We will cut through the confusion and address the lifestyle, mental/emotional, environmental and metabolism factors that may be slowing you down. In addition to this you will be introduced to the right type of exercise for you at this time.
Here's what some of our BOOSTCAMPERS have to say... 
6 x 60 minute group coaching sessions
35 page Health and Lifestyle Plan
Movement screening and corrective strategies
Exercise programmes and videos
Daily email access to BOOSTCAMP coaches
Fun community and group support
  • Week 1 - We dive deep into mental/emotional stress and the nervous system and uncover the science and application of the techniques that will allow you to take back control of your physiology. 
  • Week 2 - Lifestyle and modern movement. Lessons from a caveman about resting hard, working in, play and hormones.
  • Week 3 - Lifestyle and nutrition We are what we eat. Hydration. Cut the CRAP. Fine tuning for your body. 
  • ​Week 4 - Lifestyle (rest and sleep) Effective energy management. Hygienic sleep and bed time stories.
  • Week 5 - Metabolism and Environmental stress The power of chronobiology and how to control your internal and external environment at all times.
  • Week 6 - Epigenetics Aging Like a Winner and becoming the best version of yourself.

6 weeks online and on demand - JUNE 1st, 2022 
(all sessions are recorded for you to view at your convenience).

Register today for the EARLY BIRD price of $397 NZD or
 3 easy monthly payments $132.33 NZD

Use coupon code "BOOSTME" upon checkout,
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About Us
Your Coach: Neil Wagstaff

Having spent over 24 years in the health and fitness industry helping a variety of clients in sport, gym, corporate and clinical settings Neil is fully committed to getting our clients strong, healthy and the fittest they can be. 

As a personal trainer, exercise scientist, running coach and advanced health coach, Neil understands how difficult it is to maintain a regular health, fitness regime in the midst of a crazy busy life and he knows what it really takes to make a permanent change and achieve the goals you dream of.

Your Coach:  Lisa Tamati

Extreme Ultra Endurance Athlete with 25 years competing in the world's toughest endurance events and leading and participating in expeditions.
She is the author of three best selling books "Running Hot" "Running to Extremes" and her latest book is "Relentless - How a mother and daughter defied the odds". A book telling the one in a million comeback story of bringing her mother Isobel back from the brink of death after a major aneurysm left her with massive brain damage at the age of 74 to full health within 3 years.

Lisa is also a podcaster at "Pushing the Limits",an international Speaker, Film Maker, Run Coach and Mental Toughness Expert who hosts a number of programs around mental toughness, epigenetics and run coaching.

Register today for the EARLY BIRD price of $397 NZD or
 3 easy monthly payments $132.33 NZD

Use coupon code "BOOSTME" upon checkout,
good for a limited time!

More of what our BOOSTCAMPERS have to say...